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Buildings can only be placed on flat, solid land where trees have been bulldozed. All player constructions can be moved at no cost during game play providing the structure has reached a minimum level of development.

Some existing game structures may be developed by the player, Some of these require expending Diamonds diamonds to move. The initial city is on a small central area of developable land and a player must purchase more land expansions using Simoleons simoleons and collectible land permits.

Structures fall into ten categories, some of which require a minimum city Population population to unlock:


Roads connect buildings together. They have no cost to build and no cost to remove. Many developments that are unconnected by roads will not function appropriately.


Homes cost 1Energy energy and 100Simoleons simoleons to build. They generate Population population as they develop, and their development depends on distance to the waterfront as well as other buildings in the locality. There is no direct way for a player to affect the population of a building - only indirectly by the placement of homes or population increasing items.

Farms.png Farms[]

The two farm types, vegetable and animal, are purchased using Simoleons simoleons and generate Simoleons simoleons as crops mature.

Businesses.png Businesses[]

There are several different types of business. While some business are the result of Quest Reward quests, others require either Diamonds diamonds, Fame fame or Simoleons simoleons to acquire. Businesses generate Simoleons simoleons on a regular basis.

Factories.png Factories[]

Factories have a similar range of diversity to businesses, and are obtained in the same way. Factories generate Materials materials on a regular basis, but also create pollution.

Attractions.png Attractions[]

Major structures where people can be entertained. Attractions also increase the Population population of housing nearby.

Decorations.png Decorations[]

These include statues, billboards, trees, grass, flowers, pavement, small entertainment structures such as Ferris wheels or playgrounds. These generate extra Population population in nearby housing and are obtained by purchase through Simoleons simoleons, Materials materials, Diamonds diamonds, or as a Quest Reward reward from completed quests.


Hospitals, fire and police stations all cost Simoleons simoleons and Materials materials to construct. When they are active in the city, vehicles leave the facilities to control fires, crimes or medical emergencies.


Large structures that have a substantial impact on Population population increase in local housing. Landmarks can be accessed through Quest Reward quests, purchase by Simoleons simoleons and Materials materials, or Fame fame.


These can only be purchased with Fame fame. They act as landmarks do.