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Welcome to the Big Time[]

Quest 14-1

Onwards and Upwards[]

Quest 14-2

  • Shake hands with Entrepreneurs(You can meet them at Businesses)
  • Have 10 3-star Businesses
  • Have 10 3-star Factories

Be a Good Sport[]

Quest 14-3

Smile for the Birdie[]

Quest 14-4

  • Use Harmony
  • Pose for Photo Ops at Friends' residences(Visit Friends city and click on Homes)
  • Set up a Cooperation Contract whith a Friend(Click on a 3-Star Business in a friend's city)

The Cutting Edge[]

Quest 14-5

  • Have two or more 3-Star Office Buildings
  • Set Up a Research Agreement with a Friend (Visit High Tech Lab in friend's city)
  • Produce 10000 Simoleons


Quest 14 rewards