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Diamonds Collect From Theme Train


Advertisement Advertisement 25 Businesses Biff TV yes

Ammo Belt

Ammo Belt 120 Military Buildings Alien Invasion yes
Animal Actor Animal Actor 8 Farms Animal Friends
Architectural Pizzazz Architectural Pizzazz 5 Attractions yes


Banjo 10 Farms Rock 'n' Roll! yes

Beach Towel

Beach Towel 16 Businesses (Island)

Big Idea

Big Idea 8 Jobs (Houses)
Bliss Bliss 5 Neighbor (Friend Relationship)


Bullseye 300 Military Buildings Alien Invasion yes
Bushel of Food Bushel of Food 12 Farms
Business Card Business Card 20 2 Businesses yes
Business Savvy Business Savvy 8 Businesses yes
Camera Camera 25 Factories Biff TV yes
Cash Register Cash Register 12 Businesses yes
Chart Topper Chart Topper 10 Attractions Rock 'n' Roll! yes


Cocktail 8 Businesses


Consultant 10 Businesses Back from the Future!
Community Community 16 5 Houses yes
Cowbell Cowbell 10 Farms yes
Creativity Creativity 10 Jobs (Houses)
Dog House Dog House 8 Jobs (Houses)


Efficiency 10 Jobs


Elbow Grease Elbow Grease 8 Factories yes
Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship 10 Jobs (Houses)
Expression Expression 8 Jobs (Houses)
Extras Extras 10 Houses Biff TV yes
Farm Hand Farm Hand 10 Farms Back from the Future!
Flair Flair 12 Jobs (Houses)
Foam Finger Foam Finger 12 Attractions yes
Fury Fury 15 Neighbor (Rival Relationship)
Goodwill Goodwill 15 Neighbor (Friend Relationship)
Groundskeeper Groundskeeper 8 8 Houses Back from the Future!
Hard Hat Hard Hat 20 Factories yes
Harmony Harmony 10 Neighbor (Friend Relationship)
Hayseed Hayseed 8 Farms yes

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal 10 Factories Rock 'n' Roll!
High-Rise Blueprint High-Rise Blueprint 80 Friends Request
Holiday Snapshot Holiday Snapshot 10 Attractions yes
Innovation Innovation 12 Jobs (Houses)
Investment Investment 10 Businesses yes
Island Permit Island Permit 60 Ask Friend
Kaizen Kaizen 8 Jobs (Houses)
Keytar Keytar 8 Houses Rock 'n' Roll! yes
Kibbles Kibbles 10 Factories yes
Llama Manure Llama Manure 20 Farms yes
Lunchbox Lunchbox 10 Factories
Land Permit Land Permit.png 80 Friends Request
Medal of Bravery Medal of Bravery 10 5 Fire Station yes
Platinum Record Platinum Record 10 Businesses Rock 'n' Roll!
Plow Plow 10 Farms yes
Police Badge Police Badge 10 7 Police Station yes
Punchcard Punchcard 12 Factories yes
Rage Rage 10 Neighbor (Rival Relationship)
Ribbon Prize Ribbon Prize 10 Businesses yes
Robot Worker Robot Worker 10 8 Factories Back from the Future!
Safety Award Safety Award 5 9 Factories
Salt of the Earth Salt of the Earth 5 14 Farms yes
Set Set 12 Attractions Biff TV Yes

Solar Panel

Solar Panel 12 8 Factory (Island)


Souvenir 8 Attractions


Tanning Oil

Tanning Oil 16 Factory (Island)


Teamwork 15 Neighbor (Twin Relationship)
Ticket Stub Ticket Stub 20 3 Attractions yes
Tour Guide Tour Guide 10 6 Attractions Back from the Future!
TPS Report TPS Report 5 Businesses yes


Trust 10 Neighbor (Twin Relationship)


Turbine 8 Factory (Island)
Unity Unity 5 18 Neighbor (Twin Relationship)
Vision Vision 12 Jobs (Houses)
Wrath Wrath 5 Neighbor (Rival Relationship)


X-ray 10 Hospital yes