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Fire Station
Fire Station.png
Cost 2,000Simoleons + 500Materials
Unlock 300Population / 5Diamonds

Fire Stations can solve fire related emergencies. Each emergency activates up to 3 fire trucks, when they are available.


When the fire alarm has been alerted, Fire Stations will send out the Firetruck to the situation. Fire size is randomly generated during gameplay.

Minor Fire Alarm : Requires 1 or more Firetruck(s).

Major Fire Alarm : Requires at least 2 Firetrucks.

If your town needs more firetrucks, upgrade fire stations for more active firetrucks.

You can speed up firetruck's driving speed by clicking on the burning area. It costs 1 energy

Multiple Stations[]

When there is more than 1 fire station  available in the town, all fire stations will send out firetrucks to the scene of the fire.

2 Stations with at least 2 firetrucks

   Nearest Station can dispatch up to 2 trucks, the other 1 truck

3 Stations

   Each Station can dispatch 1 truck

Morethan 4 Stations

   Nearest 3 Stations can dispatch 1 truck each

Fire emergencies can occur at Businesses, Factories and Houses.



Level Effect Unlock Cost
Star Invert.pngStar Invert.pngStar Invert.png None Staffx1 None / 5 diamonds
Star.pngStar Invert.pngStar Invert.png +1 Fire Truck Communityx4 Medal of Braveryx2

2 000Simoleons
5 Energy

Star.pngStar.pngStar Invert.png +1 Fire Truck Hard Hatx1 Medal of Braveryx4 Furyx3 Ragex2 8 000Simoleons
2 000Materials
8 Energy


+1 Fire Truck Hard Hatx4 Medal of Braveryx8 Ragex2 Wrathx1 20 000Simoleons
5 000Materials


Medal of Bravery