Chapter 1: Home Sweet HomeEdit

Give me a SignEdit

Quest 1-1

Quest 1-1

Chapter 2: Coming Up RosesEdit

Shake Yer MoneymakerEdit

Greed is GoodEdit

Chop Chop!Edit

Bloom TownEdit

Because You're Worth ItEdit

Chapter 3: Party PlannerEdit

Piazza DeliveryEdit

Like it's 1999!Edit

Bake Me Up Before You Go GoEdit

Stand and DeliverEdit

Political Par-tay!Edit

The Temple of MemoryEdit

Chapter 4: I Want My MummyEdit

Country PharaohEdit

Plow PowerEdit

Operation 'I Want My Mummy'Edit

Brand New Old StuffEdit

Mean Talking BluesEdit

Eanie MeanieEdit

Chapter 5: High SocietyEdit

Meet Felicity BuckinghamEdit

Fishing for FelicityEdit

Charity Begins at HomeEdit

Green FingersEdit

The Seed is SownEdit

The Greenhouse EffectEdit

Chapter 6: The Snowballing CityEdit

Benjamin's BoostersEdit

Neighbours from HellEdit

Making RepairsEdit

Chapter 7: A Swell Town SwellsEdit

That's EntertainmentEdit

Roll Up! Roll Up!Edit

Sky High HomesEdit

Mass MunchiesEdit

The Theme is Fun!Edit

Chapter 8: Where's Billy Buckingham?Edit

Billy the KidEdit

Billy BoredEdit

Billy BuoyedEdit

Chapter 9: Build Me Up (Buttercup)Edit

A Luxurious LegacyEdit

Foodie BonanzaEdit

Millionaires WantedEdit

Heads Up, Hippie!Edit

Kristy Bites BackEdit

Chapter 10: Chasing RainbowsEdit

Benjamin Thinks BigEdit

It's Business Time!Edit

Track and YieldEdit

Desert JewelEdit

Chapter 11: Don Takes ChargeEdit

Ra Roo Don DonEdit

On the UpEdit

My Rod and my StaffEdit

Tasting VictoryEdit

Paradise RegainedEdit

Chapter 12: A Fiery End?Edit

Looking upEdit

Goodbye Cruel WorldEdit

Look AgainEdit

Be PreparedEdit

The End Is Nigh!Edit

Chapter 13: Concrete JungleEdit

Leisurely PursuitEdit

Who's ZooEdit

Animal KingdomEdit

Stampede DreamsEdit

Raccoon Round-UpEdit

Chapter 14: Scientific MethodEdit

Welcome to the Big TimeEdit

Onwards and UpwardsEdit

Be a Good SportEdit

Smile for the BirdieEdit

The Cutting EdgeEdit

Chapter 15: Space RaceEdit

See full details.

Two Heads are Better than OneEdit

Chips with EverythingEdit

Reach for the SkiesEdit

Countdown to Blast OffEdit

Ballistic BungleEdit

Kristy Cracks the WhipEdit

Chapter 16: Breakout!Edit

See full details.

New ArrivalEdit

Going ViralEdit

Fighting BackEdit

A Shot in the ArmEdit

Chapter 17: Election TrailEdit

See full details .

The Man from the Big HouseEdit

Paving the Way for PowerEdit

Landmark SpeechEdit

We the UndersignedEdit

Bring on the Flaming Hoop!Edit

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