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Chapter 1: Home Sweet Home[]

Give me a Sign[]

Quest 1-1

Chapter 2: Coming Up Roses[]

Shake Yer Moneymaker[]

Greed is Good[]

Chop Chop![]

Bloom Town[]

Because You're Worth It[]

Chapter 3: Party Planner[]

Piazza Delivery[]

Like it's 1999![]

Bake Me Up Before You Go Go[]

Stand and Deliver[]

Political Par-tay![]

The Temple of Memory[]

Chapter 4: I Want My Mummy[]

Country Pharaoh[]

Plow Power[]

Operation 'I Want My Mummy'[]

Brand New Old Stuff[]

Mean Talking Blues[]

Eanie Meanie[]

Chapter 5: High Society[]

Meet Felicity Buckingham[]

Fishing for Felicity[]

Charity Begins at Home[]

Green Fingers[]

The Seed is Sown[]

The Greenhouse Effect[]

Chapter 6: The Snowballing City[]

Benjamin's Boosters[]

Neighbours from Hell[]

Making Repairs[]

Chapter 7: A Swell Town Swells[]

That's Entertainment[]

Roll Up! Roll Up![]

Sky High Homes[]

Mass Munchies[]

The Theme is Fun![]

Chapter 8: Where's Billy Buckingham?[]

Billy the Kid[]

Billy Bored[]

Billy Buoyed[]

Chapter 9: Build Me Up (Buttercup)[]

A Luxurious Legacy[]

Foodie Bonanza[]

Millionaires Wanted[]

Heads Up, Hippie![]

Kristy Bites Back[]

Chapter 10: Chasing Rainbows[]

Benjamin Thinks Big[]

It's Business Time![]

Track and Yield[]

Desert Jewel[]

Chapter 11: Don Takes Charge[]

Ra Roo Don Don[]

On the Up[]

My Rod and my Staff[]

Tasting Victory[]

Paradise Regained[]

Chapter 12: A Fiery End?[]

Looking up[]

Goodbye Cruel World[]

Look Again[]

Be Prepared[]

The End Is Nigh![]

Chapter 13: Concrete Jungle[]

Leisurely Pursuit[]

Who's Zoo[]

Animal Kingdom[]

Stampede Dreams[]

Raccoon Round-Up[]

Chapter 14: Scientific Method[]

Welcome to the Big Time[]

Onwards and Upwards[]

Be a Good Sport[]

Smile for the Birdie[]

The Cutting Edge[]

Chapter 15: Space Race[]

See full details.

Two Heads are Better than One[]

Chips with Everything[]

Reach for the Skies[]

Countdown to Blast Off[]

Ballistic Bungle[]

Kristy Cracks the Whip[]

Chapter 16: Breakout![]

See full details.

New Arrival[]

Going Viral[]

Fighting Back[]

A Shot in the Arm[]

Chapter 17: Election Trail[]

See full details .

The Man from the Big House[]

Paving the Way for Power[]

Landmark Speech[]

We the Undersigned[]

Bring on the Flaming Hoop![]