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You need to build each of the Mayan Altars to earn the collectibles to complete the Mayan Temple. Each Altar is a Landmark, meaning you will need to complete all 3 levels to successfully finish the Altar. Complete the altars by using the regular Collectibles.

The Different Kinds of AltarsEdit

Altar to Ixchel Kinich-Ahau Copijcha Ndan
Image Altar to Ixchel Altar to Kinich-Ahau Altar to Copijcha Altar to Ndan
Collectible Mayan Snake Spirit Mayan Bird Spirit Mayan Jaguar Spirit Mayan Fish Spirit
Mayan Snake Spirit Mayan Bird Spirit Mayan Jaguar Spirit Mayan Fish Spirit
Time to Produce 24 hours 24 hours 48 hours 36 hours
Population 135 Pop 135 Pop 135 Pop 110 Pop
Range 5 5 5 5