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Natural Decorations are decorations that are placed all over the map. You can get them by expanding your city to that area. Unlike decorations, Natural decorations can not be stored in the Inventory but you can sell it for Simoleons and Materials. If you want to move natural decorations you have to spend diamonds first(Only first time).

List of Natural Decorations[]

Name Description Population Increase.png Size Range Selling Price
Simoleons Materials
Beautiful Lagoon With Land-locked Mermaids 150 2x2 9,000 2,250
Small Lagoon Cool blue water 100 2x2
Waterfall Salmon obstacle 150 2x2
Natural Spring Soda fountain for hippies 60 2x2 4,000 1,000
Natural Spring A source of clean, fresh water 60 2x2 5,000 1,250
Pyramid Pharaoh's burial chamber 200 3x3 15,000 3,750
Geyser Regular as clockwork! 80 2x2 3 6,000 1,500
Yggdrasil The Norse Tree of Life 80 2x2 5,500 1,375
Rock Formation Or sleeping rock lord? 100 2x2
Standing Stones Druidic sundial 200 3x3
Fragrant Flowers Stop and smell the roses 40 2x2
Wildflower Meadow Delicate blooms 40 1x1 2 2,400 600
Pleasant Meadow Undeveloped Greenery 40 2x2 3,200 800
Exotic Flowers Blown in from the tropics 40 1x1 2 2,000 500