You can perform either Friend or Foe actions on a neighbor's buildings.  By performing one consistently, you develop either a Friend or Foe relationship with the neighbor's city. With "Friend" relationship or above, you can perform Twin City actions, which enables you to send Twin City relationship requests.

Each Friend action and Twin City action you perform in a neighboring city moves the relationship progress bar to the right, and each Foe action moves the progress bar to the left.  When the bar is filled, you advance to the next Friend or Twin relationship, and when the bar is emptied, you advance to the next Foe relationship.  Your progress bar is shared with this neighbor; if you both play daily, you will move the progress bar twice as fast as if only one of you plays.  Each relationship gift sent also moves the progress bar.

You may have one Twin City relationship, and any number of Friend and Foe relationships.

Benefit of Relationships

To complete certain in-game quests, you are required to have high level Friend, Foe, and Twin City relationships.  Higher level relationships result in a higher collectible drop chance.  Performing actions on neighbor's buildings are the most reliable in-game method for obtaining the rare collectibles Wrath, Bliss, and Unity.  Each action performed on a neighbor's building gives you 1 fame , which can be used for certain building purchases.

Higher level relationships give you more free actions to perform each day on up to 20 neighbors.  See the tables below.

Relationship LevelEdit

You'll start with Neutral

Name Free actions Collectible drop chance
Neutral 5 13%

Rival RelationshipEdit

Name Free actions Collectible drop chance Unlock gift
Feuding 5 13%
Rivals 6 13% Taunt Plane
Bitter Rivals 6 13%
Frenemies 7 25% Alien Invasion
Enemies 8 52%
Sworn Enemies 8 65%
Arch Enemies 8 77%
MAX Rival 8 91%

Friend RelationshipEdit

Name Free actions Collectible drop chance Unlock gift
Buddy Towns 5 13%
Partners 6 13% Cloud Shapes
Friends 6 13%
Allies 7 25% Confetti Blimps
Confidants 8 52%
BFFs 8 65%
Sister Cities 8 77%
MAX 8 91%

Twin RelationshipEdit

Twin City Gifts

Twin City Gifts

Name Free actions Collectible drop chance Unlock gift
Companions 5 11%
Connected 6 11% The Youre Awesome Flying Circus
Partners 6 11%
Associates 7 23% Fighter Plane Flyover
Colleagues 7 25%
Llama Fellows 7 56%
Blood Brothers 8 68%
Twins 8 79%
MAX Twins 8 91%

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