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This limited Quest Series was introduced on the 6th of December 2012.

From the slightly different looks of the questlog it's possible to be a 3 section questrow with 3 different npcs for the cold season till christmas and new year.


Chase Benjamin greets the mayor Happy Holidays. Chase immediately says that it is the season to make money. He thinks it could be done through Ski Slopes and turkey burgers. He expects that his Christmas bonus will come from these. He asks the mayor to build a Ski Rental Business and to order turkeys from the Animal Farm.  (see Greedy Gobbler quest)

As a reward, the mayor receives Ski Slopes. Chase thanks the mayor for lending a hand. With demand so high, he thinks that an army of elves could really help. He wonders where Santa recruits his helpers.

Chase asks the mayor the build the Ski Slopes already so that people could use those rented skis. He also asks the mayor to launch the Holiday Turkey Burger at the Burger Joint. Because he is running out of turkey meat, he asks whether people would notice if he adds chicken mince. (see Fowl Play quest)

Chase congratulates the mayor, pointing out that this could be the first snow the city has seen. He offers the mayor a Holiday Turkey Burger, going with the slogan Turkily Delicious.

The citizens are loving their first taste of snow. There is a queue forming just for people to write their names in it. Chase asks the mayor to upgrade the Ski Slopes to cope with the demand. Chase suggests that he could charge more for those less yellow bits. He thinks that with the extra money, he could afford some Santa-style elves, asking the mayor he build the Elf Academy  (See Elfy, Wealthy and Wise quest). 

Chase is making money "faster than a bunny makes babies". He also managed to convince his elf workforce to accept payment in candy canes. Chase feels that life is sweet when you're sitting at the top of the pile.

The Sim Ski Federation rated the facilities 'Hellz No'! So Chase thinks that they need to up the game by upgrading the Ski Rental Business and installing Chair Lifts at Ski Slopes. Alas, Chase poisoned a bunch of people with under-cooked chicken and so has some medical bills to cover. Chase is having a really bad day. (see Chickity-Choco quest)

Chase hopes that the upgrades will keep the ski set happy. Thankfully, the hospital rang to say that the chicken poisoning victims' uncontrollable pooping has stopped. Chase now thinks that he call the day a win.


Part 1[]

Chase Benjamin

Part 2[]

Part 3[]

Kristy Brown

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