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Meet....Kristy Brown

When you first Start up the game you are lead through a step by step guide introducing the core elements of SimCity Social. You will meet your first Advisor who will give you the chapters for the game.

​Meet....Kristy Brown[]

Kristy is the first of many Advisors who give you quests throughout the game. Kristy's quest line is sorted into chapters starting at Chapter 1.

Step-by-Step Tutorial[]

The first thing you do once the game has launched is build a predefined road 5 tiles long.

Next return to the shop and switch to the house tab to build 2 2x2

A random Facebook Friend will then occupy one of the houses, Kristy explains that they will give plus/ negative feedback. You are then prompted to send them a gift and invite more Facebook friends, but this is optional.

You then must build an attraction - The Secnic Pond, this requires 3 energy to build it. You then need to hire 2 friends to complete it. However the game forces you to spend 10 Diamonds which are the Premium currency in SimCity Social.

Once the Pond is built, time to make it 1 star and upgrade it which increases it's effect to the population. This process requires 3 energy 270(x3) Simoleons and 70(x3) Materials

Once upgraded the player is introduced to a quest Order Up!

The next item to build is the Mayors House

First level of Mayor's House

You are then prompted to name your Town

Finnally you reach level 2

Level 2