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Building university.png Type Landmark Landmarks.png
Cost Quest Reward
Population -
Area 4x4

The University is a building while the Limited-Time Quest Academia Nuts!

Just having built your University you can enrol four students. These students can be chosen from any of the player's Facebook friends but this does not mean any messages will be posted to non-players. You can send your students to work gathering Simoleons and/or materials for you, and also to earn you collectibles of the new Academia Nuts-theme. It is possible to send your students to either businesses, factories or attractions. Each place of work brings different collectibles and with each workplace you may also choose the duration the student will spend there (four, eight, twelve, eighteen, twenty-four or thirty-six hours).

Upgrading to a 1-star University the player will be able to enrol a further four students once each place is unlocked using Academia Nuts collectibles.


Unlock Cost + Population / Students
Star Invert.pngStar Invert.pngStar Invert.png - - + 1,000Population / 4 Students
Star.pngStar Invert.pngStar Invert.png Vision x3, Innovation x3, Flair x3 3,340Simoleons + 840Materials x15 + 1,800Population / 8 Students
Star.pngStar.pngStar Invert.png Entrepreneurship x4, Efficiency x4, Flair x3, Creativity x4 3,340Simoleons + 840Materials x20 + 3,200Population / 12 Students


Entrepreneurship x4, Big Idea x6, Efficiency x4, Kaizen x6, Expression x6 3,340Simoleons + 840Materials x30

+ 4,000Population / 16 Students

Job Payouts[]

Job Length Work Cost Business Payout Factory Payout Attraction Payout
4h 120Simoleons 600Simoleons 150Materials 300Simoleons 75Materials
8h 360Simoleons 1920Simoleons 480Materials 960Simoleons 240Materials
12h 480Simoleons 3000Simoleons 750Materials 1500Simoleons 375Materials
18h 720Simoleons 4800Simoleons 1200Materials 2400Simoleons 600Materials
24h 640Simoleons 6480Simoleons 1620Materials 3240Simoleons 810Materials
36h 1200Simoleons 12240Simoleons 3060Materials 6120Simoleons 1530Materials

Job Collectibles[]

  • Business: Vision Entrepreneurship Big Idea
  • Factories: Innovation Efficiency Kaizen
  • Attractions: Flair Creativity Expression

Students Slot[]

You need to get these collectibles to unlock more student slot

Students Unlock by
#5 Vision x4 Innovation x1 Flair x1
#6 Entrepreneurship x4 Efficiency x4 Creativity x4
#7 Entrepreneurship x4 Efficiency x4 Creativity x4
#8 Entrepreneurship x4 Efficiency x4 Creativity x4
#9 Entrepreneurship x4 Efficiency x4 Creativity x4
#10 Entrepreneurship x4 Efficiency x4 Creativity x4
#11 Entrepreneurship x6 Efficiency x6 Creativity x6
#12 Entrepreneurship x8 Efficiency x8 Creativity x8
#13 Entrepreneurship x8 Efficiency x8 Creativity x8
#14 Big Idea x3 Kaizen x3 Expression x3
#15 Big Idea x6 Kaizen x6 Expression x6
#16 Big Idea x8 Kaizen x8 Expression x8