aka Roman

  • I live in Vienna
  • I was born on March 22

Personal Info / GreetingsEdit


My name is Roman and I live in Vienna.

I play SimCitySocial since the Olympics theme back in July/August 2012 and earned with it some nice upgrades for my city, which are still in use and won't be replaced so far... ;)

I've played WOW for a long time and looked into Diablo III since I orignally came from Diablo II (played with friends in a LAN) but stoped it cause it took way too much time. Now I'm often login to SimCitySocial instead but RL comes first ^^

Since in WOW and Diablo I was always a living wiki for my friends and their quests, I looked around what to do with my knowledge of SimCitySocial and so I began contributing to this wiki eversince. Also I'm a moderator of the Facebook group "SimCity Social Friends" where I keep posting infos about the game, helping friends with their quests and use this as a portal to find new playing friends without bothering my RL-friends, who doesn't want to play this game. This is also my first link down there!

Besides playing this little game I'm also a huge mange-anime-freak and just to give you a rough sketch:

- All Subbed Detective Conan Episodes and Movies so far have been seen

- Several Series like Bleach, Naruto, One piece, Deathnote, Bakuman, Hunter x Hunter and Sword Art Online have also been seen until the latest series or till the last episode! (and this is just a part of all seen, let's say my favorite selection ;) )

My favorite pagesEdit


But enough about my person let's list some hard facts about my city...

my City HardfactsEdit

status of 24.11.2012

  • level 114 (3946 for level up to 115) and about 60% done
  • I deal with 38 Energy max in my Energy Bar
  • I have collected so far about 100 playing friends and therefore if a collectible is ask-able, it's not a problem to provide
  • My map is full uncovered and it gave me the creeps when I saw the last prize of 10 mio Simoleons.
  • I've bought all the upper% Expansions first and therefore only got to deal with 100% Tiles at the end.
  • All the wonders are already done and sleep well in my inventory.
  • My population is about 309,000
  • My best place to collect the 2x2 Innovation Center got +260% waterfront bonus
  • My best place to collect a 3x3 Factories got +230% waterfront bonus
  • My best place to collect my 4x4 Giant Robot Factory got +260% waterfront bonus
  • My best place to collect my 2x2 Businesses got +252% population bonus
  • My best place to collect my 3x2 Businesses got +237% population bonus
  • My best place to collect my 2x3 Businesses got +240% population bonus
  • My best place to collect my 3x3 Businesses got +228% population bonus
  • There is still 1 student to unlock
  • There are just a few buildings left to upgrade to 3 star: some of my Innovation Center? and one of my two Bouncy Castles.

If you want some more facts so ask for the wanted... I can't think now of anything more ^^

my Quest StatusEdit

My Quest Log is really wiped out. The Main Quest and all side actions are done. All the Limited Time quests so far were done, but one of my first ones regarding the Pizzeria wasn't done. Since I also want to help with pushing the walkthrough I normally gather some money and material around thursdays and wait if on friday is something new to do ;)

What I plan to do next in SCSEdit

  • Upgrade the last remaining buildings to 3-star
  • Unlock the last 2 students for their jobs
  • Master the next Limited-time quest and help all followers prepare the correct things for mastering the quest easier

Got any questions?Edit

Feel free to ask them on my message wall ;)

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