Normally, I'm the Facebhook game player that trying to find the game inside the facebook that related to the famous game in internet or Youtube. I found this game when I was trying to find the game that are quite famous, Sim City 5. I saw many players in Youtube, and I want to this game. First, I go to the EA webpage, the price is shocking high! I cannot buy that game, so I trying to find the game that are related to the game, Sim City 5. After serching on Google, I found the game called Sim City Social. It's the game that look like other game in Facebook, such as Townville from Zynga. I started to played and I very enjoy with the game.

After some session of playing Sim City Social, I feel that, this game have more things inside the game, such as decoration that you need to find the best place to place it on to make the most population to town and get big. Sure, when you continuely playing the interesting game comes addiction. What was I should do?

Part 2 Coming soon