SimCitySocial Wiki

There are several wonders on the SimCity Social map. When you Unlock them, you can interact with them. After a few Interactions, they will give you an especial Item!

For example: Taming Wild Horses You will get the Horse Ranch!

Here are some of them:

Name To Unlock Clicks Time between Clicks Awards Final Award

Jutting Granite Rock

For tough sculptors only

3500 Population 5x to sculpt 6 hours 360Materials 1,440Simoleons Statue


500  6x to extract 12 minutes 125Materials 500Simoleons PlumbBob Monument

Wild Giraffes

Wild? Where are we exactly?

4x to tame 1 hour 250Materials1,000Simoleons

Giraffe Sanctuary

Wild Horses

Just waiting to be tamed!

4x to round 'em up! 1 hour 250Materials 1,000Simoleons Horse Ranch

Fossil Dig

Petrified Simcitysaurus

10x to excavate 48 hours 375Materials 1,500Simoleons Dino Skeleton Park

Magma Veins

Geothermal hot spot

100,000 Population 9x to tap lava 24 hours 350Materials 1,400Simoleons Lava Waterfall

Gaping Crevasse

Alarming fault line feature

10x to stabilize 48 hours 375Materials 1,500Simoleons Canyon Park

Burial Mound

Heroic resting place

2 Botanical Gardens 9x 24 hours Burial Mound Tourist Spot

Ancient Chalk Art

2,500 Population 6 hours Mysterious Land Park

Ancient Ruins

Palatial remains

2 Zoos 8x 18 hours 350Materials 1400Simoleons Restored Ruins

Crater Lake

Ancient meteor impact site

10x to drain and fill 48 hours 375Materials 1500Simoleons Lake Resort

Bubbling Swamp

Misty, murky marshland

5x to reclaim land 6 hours 360Materials 1440Simoleons Preserved Marshland

Ancient Tree

A hippie holy site

5x to commune with ancestors 6 hours 360Materials 1440Simoleons Preserved Tree of Life


Great statue. Rubbish riddle

2 History Museum 7x 12 hours 325Materials 1300Simoleons Sphinx Park
Skull Cave

Phantom's lair or simulacra?

100,000 Population 9x to spelunk 48 hours 375Materials 1500Simoleons Skull Cavern Park
Gem Mine

For people who dig the bling

9x to mine Diamond Mine Park

Island Wonders[]

Name To Unlock hh:mm Final Award
Mo's Pimpernel 1-Star Biodome 1000Materials


Rosa Samgreena 1-Star Biodome 02:00
Ikaheimonen's Daisy 1-Star Biodome 02:30
Tulipa Emmiea 2-Star Biodome
Starbuckea Vulgaris 3-Star Biodome
Oil Soaked Birds 8x to clean up 375Materials


00:06 SEMA Approval
Oil Soaked Seals 6x to clean up SEMA Approval
Beached Whale 4x to push SEMA Approval
Wolfpack 6x to shoo 750Materials


00:15 Beaver
Hawk's Nest Falconer's Lodge Beaver